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K-Swiss Radio

Aug 19, 2020

On this episode of “Black Voices” podcast Barney welcomes former NFL Superbowl champ turned entrepreneur, Ryan Mundy.


Barney and Ryan discuss the mental transition from being a professional athlete to an entrepreneur. They talk about how many athletes leave their sport completely broke and depressed. The rise of social media has played a critical role in brand development providing opportunities for players on and off the field.


Ryan talks about the process of making the switch from football to business and how that transition can be an identity crisis.  He also talks about the resistance he faces and being stereotype as an athlete vs businessman.

Lastly, Ryan discusses his new company Alchmy: A Black Wellness program designed to help people properly heal from Traumatic experiences they have had. Ryan states “Nobody is primarily focused on the health of black men. Our program is built by Black people with Black doctors”.