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K-Swiss Radio

Dec 13, 2019

On this episode of the Inside K-Swiss Podcast, Omar and Geoff talk about the Angry Birds drop, Lil Jupiterr, and they debut the final release of the year, The Matrix.


First, they go over the Angry Birds 10 year anniversary collaboration and go over the box details, shoe details, as well as mention the activation they are hosting in Los Angeles.


Geoff officially shows the next iteration of Instagram influencer and tastemaker Lil Jupiterr, the Lil Jupiterr 2.0. Built on a brand new silhouette, “The Terrati”, this will be the first time this style is put out on the market.


Lastly, they show and go over the details on the final sneaker release for 2019, The Matrix collaboration pack. In celebration of the iconic movie’s 20 year anniversary, the Matrix collaboration sneaker has a lot of intricate details paying homage to the movie. 


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