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K-Swiss Radio

Aug 14, 2020

In this episode of K-Swiss Live, Global Marketing Director Gabriella Gomez joins Omar as this week's co-host. They talk about the recent Black Voices Podcast Episode, give fan shout outs, and touch on all new the North Court sneaker.


Black Voices started out as a 5 part series hosted by K-Swiss President, Barney Waters, and has gained popularity with the community. Gabriella and Omar talk about the recent episode with former NFL Superbowl Champ Ryan Mundy and how he's transitioned into entrepreneurship. 


Omar and Gabriella shout out some of you that are posting and tagging K-Swiss. 


Lastly, they talk about the North Court, a modern retro sneaker that gives you a look into what we have instore for 2021. 

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