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K-Swiss Radio

May 17, 2019

Omar welcomes to the podcast entrepreneur, Seth Maxwell. Seth is the founder and CEO of The Thirst Project, a nonprofit organization that works with the support of young people to end the global water crisis. In this episode, Omar and Seth talk about what inspired Seth to get involved in this movement and what his plans are for future growth. They discuss the power of individuals helping others and the impact of social media on our society. Finally, Seth provides simple steps we all can follow to help end the global water crisis for good.

01:06 – The Thirst Project
03:43 – What inspired Seth to start The Thirst Project
07:17 – Seth’s educational background
08:01 – How Seth learned about the water crisis
11:27 – Seth talks about the genesis of The Thirst Project
12:59 – How Seth’s mother supported his passion project
16:00 – The power of helping one person
16:59 – Why young females make up the majority of The Thirst Project’s participants
19:06 – The perfect storm of social impact
22:30 – The regions of the world that The Thirst Project focuses on
25:07 – Seth speaks to the water crisis in the United States
31:21 – How to get involved in The Thirst Project
33:19 – Where listeners can follow Seth and The Thirst Project
33:35 – Parting words of wisdom from Seth
36:11 – Omar urges listeners to subscribe and review the podcast

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