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K-Swiss Radio

Dec 11, 2019

On this episode of Turning Pro, Omar welcomes artist entrepreneur Kickstradomis.

Kickstradomis has been customizing sneakers for over a decade and has worked with top athletes around the world. Through the ups and downs, he has remained true to his passion and has made a name for himself in the sneaker customizing world.

First he goes into details about the early days of his career when he was working at Finish Line, sleeping on friends couches and paying child support while attempting to customize sneakers. He shares how a car accident left him unable to paint for almost two years, left him depressed, and ultimately left him working a warehouse job for minimum wage. Through the struggle, Kickstradomis kept his head up and pushed through it all. He shares a special story of how his life and career changed with a simple email from ESPN.

Lastly, he expresses gratitude for the people in his life that have been there for him through the tough periods in his life, the people that gave him an opportunity, and believed in him.

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